Hoppin’ into Arts & Crafts with Peter Rabbit

Nowadays, it seems like you can never find a good kid’s movie in theatres. I feel like when I was a kid, I would go to the movies every other weekend to see a new Disney movie. Now that I live the #momlife, I get excited to see a new movie to take my son to. When trailers came out for Peter Rabbit, I was psyched because not only was it a movie for him to enjoy, but it’s funny for parents too (Peter Rabbit’s voice is James Corden, so it HAS to be funny)!

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Cool off This Summer with Harkins Summer Movie Fun

Let’s face it…summer is almost here. It’s only April and we see already see 90-degree temperatures in our forecast. So, what is there to do with the kids while the sun is blazing and playing outside will leave you in a sweat? Here is a hint…it’s cool, quiet, and relaxing. Now, it may not be […]

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Disney Movie Review: Moana

Although Moana has been at the theaters for over a month, as a Disney lover, it has become one of my favorites. From the female, Pacific Islander lead character to the soundtrack, it has something for everyone to love. Taking place on the small Polynesian island of Motunui, the mystical heart of the goddess Te […]

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