C2E2 – A Family Friendly Con For True Nerds

C2 E2, a comic book focused convention in Chicago Illinois was held at the very beginning of April. Not only was it an excellent way to kick off my month, but it was also an extraordinary event that was well organized and put on by some very thoughtful nerds

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Five Ways You Can Use Maca Powder & Black Seed Oil

Health is such an important thing to me. I’m constantly looking for ways as a mom in which I am able to support my health and incorporate natural ways of healing and renewing my skin, hair, and body. With that said, I had the opportunity to try black seed oil and maca powder these past few weeks and am happy to share my experiences with them. Here are my top five ways to use maca powder and black seed oil in your daily routines.

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Learn How to Land Sponsored Trips as a Mom or Travel Blogger

As we prepared for our vacation to wrap up summer break, we couldn’t have planned the trip without some very special sponsors! With that said, this is a special blog dedicated to fellow mom bloggers, travel bloggers, or those aspiring to blog in their future.

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