Acai Bowls: A Trend Worth Following

Although I live in Arizona, I spend a lot of time in California, specifically Ocean Beach, San Diego. From sites to see to must-go-to food places, I try to blend in with the locals. However, what I love are the small, local businesses. While there is still a Starbucks, Newport Ave. is lined with family businesses. I am all about trying new things, so it makes it interesting.

Acai Bowl from Jungle Java in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

During an early morning walk to grab a coffee, I discovered a California trend…the acai bowl. Being by the beach, it is almost a given that staying healthy is key, so a bowl of fruit was irresistible. Why not start off the day on a good foot?

Monkey Business Acai Bowl, Newport Coffee, Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

An acai bowl consists of a sorbet/smoothie blend topped with granola or oatmeal and fresh fruit. From the health benefits of the acai superfruit to the pack of nutrients, it is undeniably one of the most satisfying breakfasts. It can also include protein, boosters, or nut butters.

Acai Bowl from Sunshine Smoothies, Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

Although there are countless places in California that offer acai bowls on the menu, it is not that easy to come by in Arizona. After searching, I came across Genuine Fresche, and if it were a little closer, I would be there everyday…however, I settle for a couple times a week.

If you haven’t tried an acai bowl, I definitely suggest it! Let us know what you think!


Acai Bowls: A Trend Worth Following

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