Creating a Magical Adventure at Walt Disney World

We’ve all heard it… “Disney is the most magical place on Earth”. It’s hard to deny. Growing up with The Little Mermaid as my idol and pretending to be her any chance I got was a typical part of my childhood.

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Disney Movie Review: Moana

Although Moana has been at the theaters for over a month, as a Disney lover, it has become one of my favorites. From the female, Pacific Islander lead character to the soundtrack, it has something for everyone to love. Taking place on the small Polynesian island of Motunui, the mystical heart of the goddess Te […]

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A Flashback To An Autumn Disney Trip and Fall Break Vacation

Let’s Flashback on this grand Friday and talk about the amazing doughnuts, tacos, and Disney trip I had back in October of last year! Quick Disney travel tip? Get the most bang for your buck by hitting up Disneyland during Halloween Trick or Treat time! Here’s a few reasons WHY you should do it; The […]

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