Creating a Magical Adventure at Walt Disney World

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We’ve all heard it… “Disney is the most magical place on Earth”. It’s hard to deny. Growing up with The Little Mermaid as my idol and pretending to be her any chance I got was a typical part of my childhood. Even now, you can catch me singing along to the Moana Soundtrack or even watching the movie on Netflix after everyone goes to sleep. Yes, I am that mom.

As a child, my family would drive down to Florida from Michigan every July. Just in time to experience Florida’s hottest, most humid month, paired with the most tourists, however, we always made the best out of it. From the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, we were fortunate enough to experience it all and create memories every year.


Now, all grown up with a child of my own, we planned a vacation to recreate our family vacation. Although only two of my four sisters were able to make it, my dad, stepmom, husband, son, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, and sister’s boyfriend were able to join us to make it a vacation that we will never forget. Yes, there were a lot of us, and dozens of group text messages to prove it (goodbye phone battery life!).

Although we ventured to many places in Florida during our family vacation, Disney World was the most magical. As soon I saw Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom, memories flooded my mind. Memories of my sister being frightened by the ghosts on the Haunted Mansion, my dad getting stuck in the middle of the large bunch on balloons, and all of the smiles we flaunted while exploring the park.


I was excited to make new memories with my son, and for him to start his own set of Disney World memories. Since we went on the busiest day of the year (and probably one of the hottest and most humid days), we used the Fast Pass for the Haunted Mansion, The Little Mermaid, and Winnie the Pooh. Although we also managed to go on Dumbo, It’s A Small World, and the Teacups. That is a success in my eyes!

It wasn’t just the rides that were magical, it was the park itself, that brought us all together to have an amazing time. It was the perfect location for a family gathering and we left with smiles that lasted for days.


Lastly, what you have probably been waiting for – Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Tips:

  • Take advantage of Fast Pass – and use a map when you are planning. There are Fast Pass kiosks in the park, as well as an app that you can download.
  • Don’t forget to get Dole Whip. We obsess about it enough on Travel Foodie Mom, so you know that it is something you will regret passing up!
  • If you are renting a stroller, bring something that you can attach your bags to it (a carabeaner). We even saw a Pinterest-like idea at the park of a plastic shoe holder attached to the back of a stroller (the ones that attach on the back of a door). It was a great idea to stay organized.
  • Bring a “just in case” bag, including an extra pair of clothes and a poncho.
  • Get a Chase Disney Card to get Disney perks, such as private Disney character experiences, 10% select dining and merchandise, 15% off guided tours, and more.
  • Prepare to get there early. It is the least busy in the AM, so get everything ready the night before and set your alarm!
  • Double up the fun! Once you get to the indoors area while waiting for the Dumbo ride, there is a full playground to play while you wait. The attendant will give you a buzzer that will let you know when it’s your time to get back in line to ride!

While there are hundreds of tips and tricks on Disney World online, our best advice is to enjoy and create everlasting memories.



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