Feel Like You Are in Paris at Le Crêpe in Royal Oak, Michigan

Although I do not live in Michigan anymore, I was born and raised there, and still care about my home state. From the revival of Detroit to local businesses, I try to offer my support or donations as much as possible. Recently, Travel Foodie Mom was invited to a blogger event at Le Crêpe in […]

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Tasterie: The Allergy Free Food Box Review

Being lactose-intolerant and not being able to eat soy-based foods has many downfalls, including not being able to enjoy cheese without popping a couple of Lactaids while eating. Not only do I have to be more aware of what is in my food, I have to test which alternatives actually taste good as well. I […]

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“It’s Not a Lollipop… It’s ZOLLIPOPS!”

Now that Easter is over and baskets have been emptied, we bet you are all “sugared-out”. Well, let us let you in on a secret. Did you know that there are lollipops out there that are actually good for you?  In fact, they help protect your teeth from cavities! Introducing, Zollipops®, “the Clean Teeth Pops™”. […]

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