Why We Opted to Travel for My Child’s Birthday

When you think of a fourth birthday party, you may think of Chuckie Cheese, Paw Patrol, pizza, and a lot of kids. This year we opted out of the typical birthday party and asked my son what he wanted to do. Now, he is not the average child. He asks to go on a vacation […]

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Drop The Towel and Jump Into A Bath Filled With This!

Moms have one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs in the world. You’re there 24/7, and on top of it all most of us have a job. We’re on the clock that never ends. Moms need a way to relax that’s quick, therapeutic, and rehabilitating. There are countless ways to relax the body. […]

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Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego

Just south of Ocean Beach, San Diego, California lies a place where you can reach a state of serenity, solitude, and peace. A place where you realize that you are just a small person in this big world. A place where you forget about your problems and realize the beauty in this world that we […]

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