Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego

Just south of Ocean Beach, San Diego, California lies a place where you can reach a state of serenity, solitude, and peace. A place where you realize that you are just a small person in this big world. A place where you forget about your problems and realize the beauty in this world that we take for granted. That place is Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.


Whether you want to relax and watch the waves crash among the cliffs, photograph the Pacific Ocean at it’s calm, yet strong state, or act like a tourist to ocean-gaze, it is worth every second. Every breath you take of salt water air will convince you that everything will be okay.


Looking from the rugged coastline along the Point Loma peninsula, there is not a bad view. However, the best view is at sunset, which is breathtaking. The colors of pink and orange blend with the blue ocean to create a beautiful picturesque scene.


To get there, drive south on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard from the OB Pier. There are small parking lots along the cliffs, which makes it easily accessible. If you are going to venture onto the cliffs, be aware that there is sand, so it may be slippery if you are wearing sandals. Simply find a spot, relax, and enjoy nature.





Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego

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