Just Peachy: Vintage Market Days of East Phoenix

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! Why not treat mom to a “peachy” day? Vintage Market Days of East Phoenix is in town, however, for this weekend only. Head on down to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek to eat, shop, and have fun at the farm!

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Kid-Friendly Spots: Portland, Oregon

Welcome to PORTLANDIA! Portland is known for hipsters, roses, good brews and all things weird. #keepportlandweird Well friends, Portland is also an amazing kid friendly place! Start your day off at Slappy Cakes! The kids will have fun making their own pancakes! Not in the mood for pancakes?? Head to Pips Original for some amazing […]

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Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Happy Saturday (as I write that gritting my teeth). Yes, it’s been one of those days… one of those days where you wake up during your last alarm, rush to get ready, take your child to hockey practice, waste money at a movie since your child realizes that he doesn’t like Smurfs halfway into the […]

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