Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Happy Saturday (as I write that gritting my teeth). Yes, it’s been one of those days… one of those days where you wake up during your last alarm, rush to get ready, take your child to hockey practice, waste money at a movie since your child realizes that he doesn’t like Smurfs halfway into the movie, and remembered the one thing that you needed to buy after the store is already closed. Did I mention that my house looks like a tornado hit it?


Naturally, as everyone goes to sleep, I close the day with a glass of Rosé (and when I say glass, I mean fill ‘er up)! Thankfully, DuVino sent me a wine glass to review for my honest opinion! And trust me, it speaks the truth!

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The ‘Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy’ Wine Glass has a 12.75 oz capacity with a thick stem and sturdy base. Perfect for a long day! It also makes a great Mother’s Day present hint, hint to significant others.

About DuVino Wine Glasses

  • 12.75 oz capacity with thick stem and sturdy base
  • Bright, vivid white print
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gift ready in attractive white box
  • Designed and made in USA
  • ARV $19.99

The lettering is a bright, vivid white print reminding you, and everyone else around your that mommin’ isn’t easy (however, it’s worth it, right?) This has easily become my new favorite wine glass!

DuVino’s ‘Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy’ Wine Glass can be found on Amazon and is usually $17.97, however, is currently on sale for $14.97.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

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