True Seattle Coffee: Ladro Roasting

We are preparing for our Seattle trip next week, so when we were approached by Ladro Roasting to try out their coffees for an honest review, we did not hesitate! I will finally be scratching off Washington on our scratch-off United States map, so I am excited to explore a new state…and drinking coffee is one way of exploring!

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Ladro Roasting sent their Ladro Espresso, Queen Anne, and Ladro Cup Diablo to try out. I love the convenience of the K-Cup, however, I wasn’t sure on how it would taste since most K-Cups I’ve tried are weak in terms of flavor and caffeine. Ladro Roasting proved me wrong! It was strong (I like my coffee black) and flavorful! It was a dark roast with Walnut, Brown Sugar, and Baker’s Chocolate taste notes. As a bonus, the K-Cups are 100% Recyclable!


Queen Anne and Ladro Espresso were also amazing! Best brewed with an Espresso, Drip, or French Press, Ladro Espresso is a Medium Roast with Creamy Chocolate, Dark Cherry, and Caramel taste notes. Queen Anne is best when brewed with a Chemex or AeroPress, is a medium roast, and has Milk Chocolate, Fig, and Hazelnut taste notes.


According to their website, “Ladro Roasting sources their own green coffees directly from the farmers and roast single origins and blends at their Queen Anne roastery.”

Tasting the coffees and espresso make me even more excited to visit one of the Caffe Ladro locations to drink their coffee in person!

See you soon, Seattle! Can’t wait to cross off my 35th state visited!



True Seattle Coffee: Ladro Roasting

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